Currency Investing
Unlike Anything Else

Fully-automated verifiable currency trading with an
annual performance minimum.

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Done For You Investing

40% Annual
ROI Target

Based on 18 months of live trading, and 12 years of backtested results.

18% Minimum Annual ROI

We've got you covered. Receive a 50% reduction in next year's subscription if we do not achieve this minimum.

Referral Program

Lock in a one year free subscription when you refer two new clients.

Automated Currency Trading

Once onboarded, zero action or input is required from our subscribers.

Transparent Investing.

Verify the success of our Master Account at any time.

Our proprietary technology consistently curates low risk trades to help build your wealth.

$5k Minimum Account Balance

40% Annual ROI Target

18% Minimum Annual ROI

$1k Annual Subscription Fee

Low Risk.

Our algorithms take a conservative approach to the currency markets.

No Contracts

No Hidden Fees

Performance Minimum

Rigorously Backtested

Cancel Anytime

Years of Research and Development.

It took years of digital testing to arrive at OCIs unique and proprietary algorithm.

The technology OCI utilizes is designed to perform for 10 years plus. Benefit from the power of exponential growth via compounded returns.

Long-term strategy - OCI is focused on the next decade

Compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5

Automated compounding gains every month

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A "Done For You" investment solution on the cutting edge of technology that brings hedge fund like results to busy individuals driven toward financial independence.

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